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New Toothpaste Allows To Visually Identify Oral Plaque

It Adds A Coloring The Plaque To Manually Remove Any Residue From The Teeth Or Gums

Aneurysms Are Balloons In The Arteries Due To The Weakening Of The Walls

They Can Cause Headaches If They Press A Nerve, And Can Be Caused By High Blood Pressure

New Research Shows That Snoring Must Be Taken Seriously For Proper Cardiovascular Health

It Is Related To High Blood Pressure, Cardiac Function Impairment, And Even Can Be An Early Sign Of Heart Disease

These Had Habits Affect Digestion, Sleep And May Cause Back Pain

Among Them Are Eating Before Sleep, Using Fat Wallets In The Back Pockets, And Reading Smartphones Before Bedtime

High Altitude Can Cause Mild Headaches, But Also Can Result In Life-Threatening Conditions

Other Symptoms Are Sleep Disorders, Digestive Issues, And Fast Breathing, And Fast Heart Rate