Aneurysms Are Balloons In The Arteries Due To The Weakening Of The Walls

Aneurysms Are Balloons In The Arteries Due To The Weakening Of The Walls    

They Can Cause Headaches If They Press A Nerve, And Can Be Caused By High Blood Pressure    

An aneurysm is a weakening of the artery wall, which inflates like a balloon. It can be located in the brain, the abdomen, or the chest. People with diagnosed aneurysms can have a normal life as long as they follow certain guidelines to avoid its rupture. In fact, according to specialists, 50% to 80% of aneurysms do not rupture. However, if it ruptures, the outcome is fatal in 40% of the brain aneurysms and 50% of the abdominal ones. There are usually no warning signs that can reveal the presence of an aneurysm, but if it presses a nerve it can show as headaches, nausea, a drooping eyelid, or can affect the vision. If it ruptures, there will be a sudden pain in the affected area. If it is located in the head, there will be an extreme headache, dizziness, and seizures. Among the causes are genetics and high blood pressure. Additional info click here.


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