Caloric Restriction And Intermittent Fasting Can Have Health Benefits, Such As Reduced Heartburn, And Lower Blood Pressure

Caloric Restriction And Intermittent Fasting Can Have Health Benefits, Such As Reduced Heartburn, And Lower Blood Pressure    

This Consists Of Eating Normally But Restricting It To A Certain Range Of Hours    

According to studies caloric restriction as a way to improve longevity has had positive results in mice. However, in the case of humans, it would very different, requiring a change in habits, which, in some cases can conflict with daily activities, such as working or studying. An alternative One type of is intermittent fasting, in which the individual ingests food between a determined hour range. Natural fasting occurs while we sleep, and is interrupted by breakfast, which is usually taken at 6 or 7 am. The idea is to extend this hour range to 11 am. and to allow eating for 8 hours. Therefore the eating time window would extend to 7 pm. There are no food restrictions, the individual eats his normal food. This has had good results for people who experience gastric disorders, such as acid reflux, after eating breakfast. Other benefits are weight loss due to the lower intake of calories, improved glucose regulation due to lower insulin levels, lower blood pressure and lower resting heart rate, which are all signs of good health. Also, it helps decrease medical conditions related to excess weight, such as high cholesterol and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. A caloric restriction will force the body to use stored free fatty acids for fuel, instead of glucose. This releases components called ketone bodies, which are used by the brain, cardiovascular system, and other organs. Side effects might include excess hunger in the first days, fatigue, headaches, and, in some cases, low glucose levels. More details click here.


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