Modern Device Use Has Resulted In New Health Conditions, Such As Tech Neck, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, And Computer Vision Syndrome

Modern Device Use Has Resulted In New Health Conditions, Such As Tech Neck, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, And Computer Vision Syndrome    

Symptoms Include Reduced Lung Capacity, Headache, Neck And Back Pain, Heart Disease, And Depression    

Modern life includes interaction with several devices, that may lead to a poor posture and neck and back pain. Bad posture has also been linked with reduced lung capacity, as well as an increase in depression, heart disease, headaches, and neurological disorders One early example is holding the office phone between the shoulder and the ear to leave both hands free, which resulted in neck pain. The same is happening with handheld devices and audio devices, which cause the head to slouch forward, resulting in “tech neck”. In this case, the stress on the neck increases with the angle on the head, which may grow from 10 to 12 pounds in a neutral posture, the human head typically weighs 10-12 pounds, but when it is bent forward at 15 degrees and 60 degree angles, the weight on the neck increases to 30 and 60 pounds, respectively. This is similar to carrying an 8-year-old child in the neck. Also, contact typing and mouse movement lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, caused by the wrists being held in uncomfortable static positions for prolonged periods of time with contact strain placed on the forearm nerves, which become irritated as a result. Another condition is called computer vision syndrome (CVS), which includes optical pain, eyestrain, dryness, blurry vision, headaches as well as neck and shoulder pain. It is caused by poor lighting, improper viewing distances, poor seating posture, glare on a digital screen, and uncorrected vision problems. There are tips and exercises for dealing with all these issues. Additional information click here.


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