Top News Of 2019 On Cardiovascular Health

Top News Of 2019 On Cardiovascular Health    

Among Them Are The Detection Of Atrial Fibrillation By Apple Watch, Aspirin Avoidance By Healthy People, And The Effect Of Hypertension Medication If Taken In The Evening    

There have been interesting findings and issues in cardiovascular health in 2019. Among them are persisting problems with generic blood pressure drugs. Among them is the recall of valsartan due to cancer-causing impurities, and also the recall of losartan and irbesartan. Also, Apple Watch can detect irregular heartbeats, consisting of an arrhythmia called atrial fibrillation, diagnosing it properly in a population of 400,000. Additionally, researchers have found the relation between dietary cholesterol and eating eggs, and heart disease. This means that even though eggs are healthy, care must be taken if suffering from a cardiovascular condition. Aspirin has been always recommended for heart disease but does not always do the best for the heart, because it can increase bleeding because of its blood-thinning properties. This means that it can have adverse effects on people that have no cardiovascular issues. However, it is beneficial for people with a history of heart attack, coronary stents, bypass surgery or strokes. Also, if a person has signs that suggest a heart attack, or stroke, it is still important to take an aspirin, immediately. Another interesting news is that a drug for diabetes has shown benefits for congestive heart failure. A study on portable blood monitor usage proved that blood pressure medication have a better effect if taken in the evening, and not in the morning – unless it includes diuretics, which will cause sleep interruptions. More Information click here.


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